How to Avoid Raids and Attacks Using Coin master Ghost Mode

Have you ever been frustrated by someone you helped with a card and they end up destroying your village on coin master ? Ever asked if there is a trick to avoid raids and attacks ? well here is how. Read and leave your comments bellow.

Wondering what is coin master ghost mode? Want to know everything about ghost mode on Coin Master?

Then you’re exactly in the right place! You’ll get everything you need to know about Ghost Mode for Coin Master to play Coin Master like a pro. and we also have free daily coin master spins for you

Coin Master is such an exciting game, enriched with multiple features and game play. But along with officially acclaimed features of Coin Master, there are many other tips and tricks that are founded by the game community.

Such as getting coin master free spins and getting free pet foodGhost Mode on Coin Master is one of them as well.

But before we jump into more details about how to turn ghost mode on or advantages of ghost mode on coin master, let’s first know what Ghost Mode on coin master actually is.

What is Coin Master Ghost Mode?

Ghost mode on Coin Master is not officially recognized by the game developer Moon Active but it is being used by many players around the world.

Ghost Mode is simply a coin master trick used by the online community to get an account off the track so that it can’t be traced nor be searched by friends anywhere. It’s just like going undercover & playing games like a ghost.

It is often called as Guest Mode as well.

Why you should Consider Using Ghost Mode on Coin Master

Going off the track on Coin Master means that you won’t be seen anymore in your friends’ list. That’s the only biggest advantage of Ghost Mode.

When you are playing Coin Master with your friends & also saving some millions of coins for the next event, there is a chance that anyone from your friend list will raid your village & loot billions that you want to save.

That’s quite frustrating, right?

But with ghost mode, you’ll be able to hide and at the same time continue your progress to make & save coins for the next big event!

Excited enough to try the ghost mode? let’s move on to the process of activating the ghost mode on Coin Master?

How to Activate Ghost Mode on Coin Master?

Here’s how you can activate ghost mode on Coin Master:

  • Close the game & open Facebook app
  • Go to settings
  • In settings, open App & Websites
  • Click on Logged in with Facebook
  • Remove Coin Master by ticking the square by clicking the remove button.
  • Open Coin Master
  • If it asks you for login details, do not use Facebook login. Choose guest mode instead.
  • You are in the game & Guest mode is on!


Congratulations! You have just learned the way about how to activate ghost mode on Coin Master.

Keep in mind that you again get logged into the game via Facebook, you won’t be playing in Ghost mode anymore. You can also try out this trick when playing coin master on PC.

After activating the ghost mode, you may still see your friends on a friend list but that doesn’t mean that they can see you. You only have not to interact with any of your friends & wait for more half an hour to be in Ghost Mode completely.

After that, you’re all set for undercover life on Coin Master. No one on the internet would be able to raid your village!

Try this out today and leave a comment below if you have any other exciting tips than the coin master ghost mode. Enjoy your game.

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