New Weapon "FAMAS" Guide/Tutorial (PUBG MOBILE) is it better then M416??

New Weapon “FAMAS” Guide/Tutorial (PUBG MOBILE) is it better then M416??

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Welcome Guys,
In this video we will be taking a look at the new weapon famas it’s been almost a month since it came out and also we will see how well it compares against other 5.56 weapons like m416 scar-l etc unlike other 5.56 assault rifles this weapon is designed for close combat fights i believe this would be the first 5.56 assault rifle that will outperform akm and barrel m762 and smg’s in close range situations so let’s take a look at how much damage it deals and also for comparison we will put it next to m4.
By the way this is just a base damage if you use helmets and best then the damage will be reduced according to this it looks like the farmer’s deals approximately eight percent less damage than m4 but does it really matter since famas can shoot about 20 to 25 faster than m4 it totally recovers the low damage and converts it into high damage per second and here is the dps which stands for damage per second and also i put barrel and akm just for comparison note that higher dps is always better anyway when you are using this weapon for the very first time one thing you will notice that is the recoil it feels difficult to control especially for mid-range but as the time passes you will get used to the recoil and you will know exactly how much you need to pull down your weapon to control the recoil
For the recoil comparison i will be spraying at a wall for five times to get an average spray pattern and later we use that spray pattern to compare against other weapons note that i have done the test two times first with no attachments and second with max attachments as well so this is the farmer’s recoil pattern with no attachments and famas can only have one attachment and that is a muzzle attachment so i used compensator to get the maximum recoil reduction.
Also we have m416 recoil pattern with and without attachments so the main reason why famas is very hard to spray is because of its recoil the vertical recoil isn’t a big problem but the horizontal recoil is the biggest problem as it started going left and right at the beginning of the spray which makes the entire spray fall apart and the m416 has slightly low vertical recoil and most importantly very less horizontal recoil especially when using attachments and this is why m4 is the most reliable weapon for spraying what if we compare against 7.62 weapons like akm and barrel famas may have the low vertical recoil but the horizontal is still the highest for example akm’s first five bullets has low horizontal recoil and after five bullets its horizontal recoil starts to kick in and same goes for barrel after five bullets the horizontal recoil starts to increase but for famas the horizontal recoil starts from the second or third bullet which makes it more harder to control than akm or barrel even though the famas has low vertical recoil it doesn’t matter since it’s easy to predict the vertical recoil because it only goes up in one direction but the horizontal recoil on the other side is unpredictable because it can go either left or right or maybe both so i wouldn’t recommend using the farmers for shooting at mid to long range if you do it anyway you’re most likely to miss many of your bullets due to its recoil and it’s low accuracy at distance.
Anyway here is my opinion on the farmers it’s a really really good weapon in close range but as the distance increases it will lose its effectiveness just like an smg but for famas is its recoil and every time i use this weapon in close combat fights i always win every single time and i would like to see this weapon in every map and famas would make a really great combination with m4 for example famas dominates in close range and rest all dominated by m4 but of course famas has its disadvantages the first thing would be its magazine size which is 25 rounds and when using extended mag is 35 it’s kinda low but also it has a very slow reloading speed i mean low mag size and slow reloading speed would make it bad in close range but it still handles close range with one or two enemies at a time so you definitely need to pair this weapon with an m4 or dp-28 or any other weapon which is decent in close range anyway that’s all you will find in this video i hope you learned something new if you did kindly share the page to your friends.

Kindly let your friends know ☺

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