Top 10 Close Range Tips and Tricks (PUBG MOBILE) Noob to Pro Guide/Tutorial

Top 10 Close Range Tips and Tricks (PUBG MOBILE) Noob to Pro Guide

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Today we are going to discuss the Top 10 Close Range Tips and Tricks (PUBG MOBILE) Noob to Pro Guide, Learn the tactics to being a better payer on Pubg Mobile.

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Ok guys in this video i will give you some tips and tricks for close-quarter fights and it will definitely help you to improve your close combat skills anyway we will be taking a look at the top five most common situations in close range fights starting with door-to-door fights door-to-door fights are the most common thing in close range for example;
This is you and this is your enemy and there is a door in between both of you so in this type of situations there are two possible outcomes either you go inside to kill your opponent or wait for your opponent to come out both are very high risk but i think going inside is more risky i mean if you go directly inside example like this you never know how many enemies are inside and what weapons they are using and most importantly your enemy’s exact positions so you will know exactly where to shoot when you go inside so it’s always a better option to wait for your opponent to rush inside because you know the enemy will have to come through the door there is only one thing you need to do in this type of situations,
Just focus on the door and make sure that your aim is on the head level which will help you to get instant head shots and most importantly start shooting as soon as you see the enemy entering through the door but you should know this if your opponent took some time to analyze the situation and knows your exact location then the chances of you winning in this type of situations are quite low because your enemy may have some sort of plan to take you down sometimes you end up in a situation where your enemy doesn’t want to come out and you don’t want to go inside either one of you has to do something otherwise it would be boring.
So if you don’t have any more patience and you want to rush inside you need to double check these following things the first one would be to check for your helmet and vest if you don’t have them then i highly recommend not to push inside because there is a possibility that you could get knocked in just one shot and the next one is to know your enemy’s location so when you go inside you will know exactly where to shoot at and lastly analyze the situation for example how many enemies are inside and what weapons they are using if you notice any airdrop weapons it is risky to go inside because your opponents are most likely looted in airdrop which means they will have level 3 helmet and vest and two airdrop weapons which makes it way more riskier
And most importantly when you are entering through a door you need to enter by jumping example like this you need to hit the jump button at this exact location which will increase your movement speed the main reason why i recommend you to jump is because when you jump your character will gain a lot of speed which makes you a harder target to hit and your enemy will miss the shots i mean it is very difficult to track someone jumping like this i use this trick all the time as soon as i jump it will be very hard for the enemies to shoot at me because i’m moving too quickly plus it makes me less vulnerable this trick works all the time for me sometimes i use prone right after jumping to confuse the enemies.
I mean there are other possibilities like shooting when the opponent is peeking from the door but the first two are the most common thing to happen anyway moving on to the next one walter wall fights it’s another most common fights in close range you and the opponent both has some sort of cover example like this there are three things you could do in this type of situations either you attack the enemy or wait for your opponent to attack on you or you could run away from this fight so in this type of situations you need to use your close combat tactics like jump shot and drop shot strafing left and right also known as jiggle movement and other tactical skills if you want to rush at the enemy then you need to pre-fire when you rush example like this if your enemy peaks during the pre-fire then you’re most likely to win the fight pre-firing is really important if you ignore it you will end up dying like this and you could also use jump shot and pre-fire or drop shot and pre-fire they both are really effective strafing left and right and pre-firing is also an effective way and if your enemy is rushing at you you could do jump shot as well but if they rush with a pre-fire then you’ll get knocked immediately right after jumping and you should be very careful about enemies pre-fire and rest all depends on your crosshair placement and your aim.

The next one window fights,
Window fights in close range are the least common fights in my opinion it rarely happens in close range but it’s better to be prepared so here are two tips for window fights the first tip is don’t stay too close to the window while shooting sometimes your bullets may hit the wall instead of the enemy and also place your crosshair a bit higher than usual or just simply aim at the head level otherwise your bullets may get blocked by the window frame,
And the second tip is switch to first-person perspective because fpp will give you some advantages in window fight situations for example here i am shooting in third-person view and the bullets are actually hitting the window frame instead of the wall and now i switch to the first-person view and shooting at the same wall again so now the bullets are actually hitting at the wall but as soon as i switched back to the third-person view the bullets are again hitting at the window frame instead of the wall i don’t know exactly what’s happening here maybe the game mechanics are broken,
I think and also using fpp will give you more field of view for example in fpp you can see this box and when i switch to third-person view you won’t able to see the box so just remember to switch to fpp in window fight situations to get an advantage moving on to the next situation open field fights this is the situation where you are in a completely open area without any type of cover or maybe ridge covers like these in these scenarios it all matters on who shoots first if your enemy shot you first then your chances of winning the fight is very low but you can actually increase the chances of you winning the fight by dodging the bullets by moving left and right also known as jiggle movement it’s a little bit complicated to learn so let me show you an easier one
You just have to move in a left direction completely or in a right direction depending on your situation when you move in a certain direction while shooting your enemy has to constantly change the crosshair placement depending on how you move if your enemy doesn’t change crosshair placement according to your movements then he will miss all the bullets so you can take advantage of that situation and dodge the bullets and kill your opponent so the next method is you have to move either left or right direction and then suddenly change the direction to the opposite one first move left for about one to two seconds and then suddenly switch it to the right direction for example here i am moving my joystick in the left direction in about one to two seconds i will suddenly switch it to the right direction so now the enemy got confused when i suddenly changed my direction i think the enemy’s crosshair placement is still at this location due to the sudden change in the direction the enemy has to realize and change the crosshair placement according to the way how i move but before they even realize they will be dead
My biggest tip for open field fights is move as much as you can to dodge the bullets and once you get used to strafing left and right you will always be unbeatable in close combat fights anyway moving on to the next situation broken wall fights broken walls are everywhere in the map and it gives really good cover but while attacking all you have to do is jump and fire the first thing is you should have your jump and climb separate otherwise you will climb up the wall instead of jumping and it could get you killed in some situations just go to basic settings and scroll down you will find jump and climb enable it now go to your layout and adjust your climb button and jump button now all you have to do is practice how to jump and fire anyway if the wall is too small you don’t need to jump and fire you could directly fire example like this anyway that’s all i got for this video i hope you learned something new if you did Kindy Share to your friends.

Kindly let your friends know ☺

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